Monday, May 12, 2008

What Do Your Really Want In Your Life?

What is it you want right now in your life?

If you're like me, you probably find that question difficult to answer. Yet it's fundamental to determining the road we wish to travel.

How fulfilled do you presently feel in your life? Are you content with things as they are? Or do you find yourself aspiring for a deeper, more meaningful sense of purpose or self expression?

We all have an inherent need for growth and expansion, but often become so caught up in past or current circumstances that we’re unable to see past the status quo. We become locked into habitual patterns and begin to feel trapped.

We feel that way because we are not longer growing or expanding … and we intuitively recognize this, hence the “feeling” of being stifled. This is actually our guidance system kicking in to let us know we’re off course.

So when we notice that our guidance system is telling us something is amiss, what can we do to correct course?

Here is a question you can ask yourself to help bring about your “course correction” to put you back on your natural path of growth and expansion, which of course leads to a life of inspired abundance.

What is it right now that I really want and that is most important to me?

This fundamental question can serve as your foundation regardless of your circumstances. Your answer will change with your circumstances, but by answering this basic question you will always be able to ground yourself in what is most important.

The key thing to remember is to focus on the "what" because we are often prone to "how" responses that masquerade as a "what".

For example, let’s suppose your first impulse to answer this question is “to pay off my credit cards”.

Paying off your credit cards is actually a “how” that solves something else. So, what is it about paying off the credit cards that is most important to you right now?

Is it that it will allow you to take a trip? Is it the sense of relief you will feel? What is it, really?

A technique you can use to help you get underneath and into your real “what” is to employ the “What Five” technique.

Beginning with your first answer, ask the “what is it I really want” question again framed around your answer. Then ask the question again framed around your new answer. Do this until you are 5 layers deep (or no longer come up with a different answer).

It’s a simple way to peel back the onion and zero in on what it is right now that you really want and is most important to you. And once you have clarity around what you really want, you can then begin to ask yourself what one thing you can do today to help you move towards what you really want.

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