Friday, May 9, 2008

Let Your Fears Shape Your Dreams

nervou2 Is it possible to let your fears shape your dreams?

I repeated the assertion that dreams and fears are part of the same coin in several posts this week. They're both visions of a future outcome which we can choose to focus on and believe, or dismiss.

If what we aspire towards is a life of inspired abundance, then in order to build upon our dreams we must first become clear about what we really want ... in specific terms.

Often though, I find that difficult to do ... I can't seem to find the clarity around what it is that I want. Do you find this difficult to do as well?

In that case, we you can let your fears shape your dreams because your fears can help you to gain that clarity. Behind every fear is a wanting.

So I can simply ask myself what it is that I'm afraid of. Not having enough money to retire? Getting sick and dying?

Then I can turn the statements around to gain clarity around what I do want. I want financial security. I want good health.

So if I'm stuck when it comes to clearly defining what I want, I can ask, "right now give the present circumstances of my life, what is it that I am most afraid of?"

Once I have that answer, I can then ask "right now given the present circumstances of my life and given what I fear, what is it I want that is most important to me?"

Wherever possible, I attempt to express what I want as a noun. In doing that then I know I'm being specific.

So while you want to avoid placing undue focus and expectation around your fears, understanding and examining your fears can in fact be very useful in helping you become clear about what you do want. Sometimes it's okay to let your fears shape your dreams.

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