Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 Simple Steps To Raising Your Self Esteem

Your level of self esteem tends to drive your thoughts, feelings and actions in life and so learning how to raise your level of self esteem in a particular area or topic is a key element of overall self improvement and a key aspect of learning to live a life of inspired abundance.

If there's a particular area of your life where you feel your confidence and self esteem is low, try this simple 3 step process as a way of systematically raising your level of self esteem.

Let's use relationships as an example. Let's suppose your level of self-esteem is low when it comes to your confidence around creating new, healthy relationships.

Step 1: Your thinking habits

We often get into negative thinking habits that create a box in which we confine ourselves and our level of self confidence. Looking honestly at your tendencies, what are some of your habits that may be contributing to your lack of confidence in forming new relationships?

Write them down.
  • I have the habit of worrying that everyone will laugh at me

  • I have the habit of expecting people not to like me

  • I always look at my feet while speaking

Step 2: Your present situation

How have those habits influenced your present results? More importantly, what are some obvious corrective steps you can focus on beginning right now, that will enable you to raise your level of confidence and self esteem?

Write them down.

  • I can expect people to be interested in me

  • I can expect people will like me

  • I can make eye contact with people while speaking

Step 3: Your future vision

Now that you have identified some new habits you can begin to adopt, what is the result you expect in the future if you make a point of practising them every day?

Write them down.

  • People find me interesting and listen intently to what I have to say

  • People like me and want to spend time with me

  • I am confident while speaking to new people and form new relationships easily

Now you have a set of affirmations you can use each day to reinforce the new you. As you recite these affirmations daily, you will be reminding yourself of the new habits you are focused on developing and your will be reprogramming your subconscious mind to focus on the new more confident you.

And you will gradually be raising your self esteem day by day and, with a little persistence, you will quickly achieve a substantial level of self improvement in your life. Try it.

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