Saturday, December 5, 2009

Follow You Dreams Now With These Simple Key Steps You Can Implement Today

Following your dreams is fundamental to your sense of purpose and the level of self fulfillment you feel in your life. You may feel that you have all the time in the world to accomplish your dreams.

follow your dreams

Yet there are reminders every day that your time on Earth is short. The reality is there's no way to predict how much time you've got left, which is exactly why there's no time like the present to make your dreams come true! Following are some simple, key steps you can begin taking right now to start steadily moving towards your dreams and living the purposeful, fullfilling life you were meant to.

Concentrate On The Positive

It's vital to start with positive thoughts. When you think positively about yourself and your dreams, you'll begin to believe that you can achieve anything. These initial positive emotions can lead to a dedicated drive and enthusiasm that'll help build lasting momentum.

Remember that nearly everyone feels overwhelmed when you're about to embark on a long journey. That's exactly why it's so easy to fall into negative patterns of thinking, but you must fight these thoughts. It can be hard to imagine that so much can be achieved simply by having positive thoughts, but it's true!

The truth is, when you think about something as scary as "I could die tomorrow," it's hard not to be drawn into a panic. But instead of worrying about how much time you and your loved ones have left, concentrate on making the present moment as productive as it can be towards your true calling.

Careful Planning

Once you've decided to take action, and you've battled your negative thoughts, it's time to make some feasible plans to get you where you want to be.

Keep these tips in mind as you go through your planning phase:

  1. Set realistic goals. If your goal is going to take years, give yourself years. You can't expect everything to happen overnight.

  2. Be specific. Include all the details in your plans. If you stumble along the way, you'll be comforted in knowing that you have your detailed plans to help you stay the course.

  3. Reward yourself. When you've made progress towards your goal, give yourself a reward. Even if your ultimate goal is far off, it's fun and motivating to enjoy rewards as you complete steps toward your goal.

Action In Small Steps

One of the biggest tips when it comes to following your dream is to break down your actions into small, manageable steps.

For example, your goal could be to become an airline pilot or you might want to start your own business. Both of these goals are hefty and have the potential to take years of work and training.
When you first think about these goals, it's easy to be scared of how daunting they seem. Instead of resorting to fear, try breaking down these goals into dozens or even hundreds of small steps. Chances are that each small step is not nearly as overwhelming as the big picture.

At the same time, always keep the big picture in mind. When you visualize yourself reaching your end goal, it can be an image that gives you the drive to keep going during tough times.

Inspiring Others

Once you've achieved your goal, consider inspiring others to reach their goals, too. Perhaps you have some friends or family members who say things like, "I've always wanted to do that," but they remain working at their dead end job.

Help them take action!

You'll know from experience that, while it may be a risk, the reward is more than worth it.

Yes, following your dreams is even a reward in itself! It's fulfilling. It brings you joy in the present and hope for the future. So carpe diem - seize the day!

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Overcome Shyness

If you are looking for a way to overcome your shyness, there are some simple, no worry ways to do that ... and they are deceptively simple.

Firstly, understand there is a distinct difference between being quiet and being shy. When you're quiet, you know you have the option to speak, but you just choose not to do so. But when you're shy, you're plagued by discomfort, worry, or even anxiety in social situations.

No matter how shy you think you are, there are ways to train yourself to overcome this barrier. While you won't turn into a social butterfly overnight, you can become a more confident person.

Another benefit of overcoming your shyness is that, without that timidity, you tend to take advantage of new opportunities that come your way.

These tips and tricks will help you conquer shyness:

  1. Accept your personality. It's truly important for you to accept yourself for the person that you are. You can never be anyone but you. If you're a quiet person from time to time, so be it. There is just as much beauty in the personality of a quiet person as there is in an outgoing person.

  2. Put yourself out there. When you're shy, you're more likely to avoid social situations altogether. This only makes the problem worse. If you make the effort to participate, you'll become more comfortable in every social gathering.

    Take small steps, but take action to step out of your comfort zone.

  3. Avoid running away. Even if you're feeling especially awkward and anxiety ridden, get through the situation as best as you can.

    Afterwards, you can evaluate what you went through so you can grow from it. Ask yourself why you felt the way you did and see if you can correct the problem for next time.

  4. Learn to relax. When you're feeling shy, your mind begins to race. You might be thinking about all the things that can go wrong and you'll find it impossible to relax. Instead of thinking about what might happen, concentrate on the present and on what actually is happening.

    If you begin to panic, use relaxation and breathing techniques to calm yourself down.

  5. Practice your social skills. If you're shy in social situations, try to practice your communication and social skills in non-threatening environments, such as with family or close friends. This will take away some of the scary "unknowns" that might be causing you to be afraid.

  6. Use visualizations. Visualizations can be very powerful. They can help you relax and get past the anxiety associated with shyness.

    Close your eyes and think about yourself in a situation where you'd normally feel shy or panicky. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions, visualize yourself as completely confident and happy.

  7. Focus on someone else. Place all of your focus on the person you're sharing a conversation with. Really listen to what they're saying. If your energy is focused away from how you feel, you'll be less likely to be overtaken with the feelings of shyness.

    It may also help you to encourage the other person to do more of the talking. Use open-ended questions where they can launch into a whole story or explanation instead of just answering yes or no questions.

Shyness is a combination of fears and feelings that are reinforced by habits. Use these strategies to help you change your habits and your feelings of shyness will dissipate along with the old habits!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Simple Way To Immediately Raise Your Vibration

Before you start into the activities of your day, think about the things you can do to get yourself grounded and started well so that you approach your day in a fashion that is going to serve you well as you move forward in building the life you want.

Warren WojnowskiWhen you first wake up in the morning, you want to "set" the level of vibration you carry into your day.

By law of attraction, the way you feel about yourself is going to determine the level of vibration you carry. You are about to discover one simple step you can take every day that will automatically help you feel good about yourself and raise your level of vibration.

One of the key principles that determines your level of success in your life is your ability to "be the leader". Your ability to be the leader starts with your mindset and preparation. One of the key aspects of mindset that matters as you go about beginning to build and live your dream, has to do with your own level of vibration and the degree to which you create harmony and alignment with what you want.

One of the simplest steps you can take to accomplish this is to spend some time in the morning to "wrap you package".

What does wrapping your package mean? It means taking the time to consider what you look like and how you have chosen to dress and groom yourself for the day.

This is especially pertinent if part of living your dream entails being a home based entrpreneur. When you are working from home one of the great advantages is that can choose to work in your pajamas all day if you want to. You literally can throw on your house coat, put on a cup of coffee, plop yourself down in front of your computer, place some advertisements and then get on the phone and start calling people.

But there's something about that scenario to consider. If you are unshaven, undressed, haven't bothered to have a shower and look out of sorts, when you look in the mirror how do you feel about yourself? Does the image you see match that of the successful you in your mind that makes you feel good, or do you start to feel a little bit negative about who you are, what you are and how you look?

The extent to which it doesn't support your positive image of you, how do you suppose that translates into your level of vibration that you carry into everything else you do in your day?

A real simple tip you can apply that will help you feel better about yourself and which is going to help raise your vibration and make you more effective at whatever you do is this: take the time in the morning to groom yourself.

Take the time to actually have a shower, get yourself dressed, and look good -- even on the weekends! Because when you look good, you feel good. And your level of vibration is automatically higher.

This is one of the very first steps you can take in your day to begin to align your vibration with the successful you, the CEO of you Inc., the creator of your own dream that you aspire to be. You can begin to tap into that person right away by simply taking the time at the beginning of your day to wrap your package the way you would expect someone who is successful to have their package wrapped.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Attracting Network Marketing Success And The Stories You Tell Yourself

Do you find yourself floundering in your business? It may be related to the stories you are telling yourself.

The stories you tell yourself play a vital role in your ability to attract the leads, prospects, sales and customers you desire in your business — and in your life. If you’ve been a student of personal success for any length of time, you will recognize this as a common message in so much of the self help material that has been published.

This is not a new concept. For example, it's covered at length in the book "Money And The Law of Attraction" by Jerry and Esther Hicks. And their advice is simple. Keep telling yourself the better story of where you are going and keep you undivided attention on that better story.

The words and thoughts that go into your story are so important because they set a vibrational tone. And that vibration is carried with you into everything you do throughout you day. It's in the vibration of how you place your ads, how you speak with your prospects, and most importantly how you speak with your self. By law of attraction, you get back whatever you put out.

Another prominent teacher from the film The Secret is Bob Proctor. He talks about the habit people have of minimizing themselves. They live as if are in the role of an Extra -- even though they are supposed to be living their own movie! Since it's your movie, why not cast yourself in the starring role?

As you read this, no doubt you know it's true. You can feel it in your bones So take the time to really examine what role you are playing and in what story you have cast yourself. And then identify the chapters you want to rewrite.

As said earlier, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that telling yourself a better story is sage advice. It’s prevalent as a theme in all of the self help teachings.

Going back even further in history, the classic book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles delivers the same message. This simple little book has spun countless derivative self improvement programs, among the more recent being the Inspired Science of Getting Rich Program.

In his book, which was published in 1910, Wattles talks about the importance of thinking in the “certain way”. He discusses the importance of directing your will internally and holding the thought of what you want with full clarity and purpose, regardless of appearances. In other words, keep telling yourself the better story of where you’re going. Is this starting to sound familiar?

As Wattles explains, thoughts are real things and you create through your thought. So by deliberately focusing on what you want and where you are going, you are framing the story you are telling yourself. And then you get to watch the new story unfold.

Bringing this back to your business, what then is the story you are telling yourself with respect to your home business? Take care to develop your picture of where you are going in your business, and start living that story — as the lead character in your own movie about you as the successful home business entrepreneur.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The New Inspired Abundance Website

We've revamped our Inspired Abundance website and converted to Word Press. So our main website is now also a blog. Let us know how you like the look.

We'll be transferring over much of the content over the next while as well as adding new material. Check it out now by visiting the Inspired Abundance website.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is Beyond Freedom and What Does Beyond Freedom Mean to You?

What is Beyond Freedom? Well, if you're interested in personal growth and learning how to manage your life better, the Beyond Freedom program will help you to do just that.

For us, it's been an empowering experience. Let our video explain.