Friday, October 31, 2008

Using Law of Attraction: align and realign your intention

Becoming adept at using law of attraction requires consistency and persistence. I was reminded of that earlier this week as part of an energetic mentorship program I am taking.

And the message shouldn't come as a surprise.

We already know intuitively that persistence and consistency are important success traits. So why wouldn’t this also be true when it comes to using law of attraction?

Yet, how many times do you encounter people who claim that law of attraction isn’t working? Or how many times do you find yourself concluding law of attraction isn’t working.

In order to effectively use law of attraction, you must align and realign with your intention every day.

Do you do that?

Or do you instead align with your goal or desire once and then subsequently go back to your old thinking patterns whereby you primarily put your attention on the absence of what you said you wanted?

This is what most people do, and it’s what I continue to catch myself doing with surprising regularity. And yet this is where the work is in mastering the use of law of attraction.

Just because you’ve taken the time to visualize what you want with clarity and passion once, doesn’t mean the process is done. You must come back to that vision as regularly as you can – every day – and tap into the clarity and passion over and over again.

This is how you develop a consistency in your level of vibration and begin to stay more aligned with what you desire. And it’s through your increased level of consistent alignment that you begin to attract what you want more quickly.

As Wallace Wattles points out in his classic book The Science of Getting Rich, the more practiced you become at holding to your vision with full faith, belief and clarity, the more successfully you will become rich because you are in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe.

I’ve heard Andy Andrews stress “I will persist, without exception” as one of his seven decisions that determine personal success.

I’ve heard Bob Proctor talk about the importance of practice and repitition and the role that plays in raising one’s vibration.

This is a common directive from virtually all of the self improvement teachers. So why should it surprise me – or you – to understand the importance I making a point of reminding ourselves to align with our intention today, and again tomorrow, and the day after, and so on ?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Use Law of Attraction to Get Un-Stuck in Your Life

How would you like to use law of attraction to get yourself un-stuck in your life?

Are you feeling stuck right now in your life -- as though there is a noose tightening around your neck and from which there is no escape?

The economy sucks, everything is getting extremely expensive, your retirement fund has evaporated, and your wage has been cut ... what can you possibly do to begin to turn things around?

Well ... and this may sound redundant ... by law of attraction, you get what you focus on.

So often a large part of why we are stuck is because we're focused on the past or present circumstances rather than on what we want..

And because we are locked into our past decisions and outcomes, the tendency is to believe they are an accurate forecast of our future.

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles lays out the prescription by which any of us can can put the laws of the universe to work for ourselves and become rich.

And his prescription is the same as that of pretty much every self help teacher on the planet.

The trick is to take responsibility for leading yourself to where you want to go rather than where you've been or where you are.

You accomplish that by focusing on where you are going.

Wattles teaches that you place the full attention and focus of your mind on the vision you desire for yourself, on crafting and layering detail upon that vision, and by maintaining your full faith, belief and trust in that purpose.

By doing that, you begin to have thoughts and take actions that are inspired and which begin to attract (and move you closer towards) that vision for youself.

Once you are focused on where you're going, it enables you to make a decision to do something different to break the pattern that you've lived up to now.

And as you build this new discipline of thought, you get better at paying little attention to the past or to the present circumstances ... which frees up even more of your thought energy to be put towards where you are going instead.

Let where you are going serve as your guide to the decisions you make. And always make decisions that will move you closer to your goals.

Your results will immediately begin to improve.

So, at the risk of repeating myself, if you are stuck, odds are it's because you are primarily looking at what was or what is.

As Wallace Wattles points out in his book, until you look at where you intend to go, nothing can change.

Drop the drama of your past. Release it and move forward.

One step at a time, focus clearly on where you are going and what step you can take today -- right now -- to move closer to that place.

Then repeat the process. Over and over day by day. By doing that not only will you no longer feel so stuck in your life, you'll also be well on your way to your better future by leveraging the power of law of attraction.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Law of Attraction: Focus on What You Want

The law of attraction gurus all teach that deliberately creating what you want in your life is simple: all you have to do is focus on what you want.

By focusing our thoughts on what we want, we put ourselves into vibrational alignment and emit a frequency of thought energy to the Universe which attracts a match.

This is all very straight forward stuff.

So ... why is it then, that most people fail when they attempt to put this to practice? If it's really this simple, why do so few succeed?

While the principles of deliberate creation using law of attraction may be simple, they are clearly not easy. That's because to hold our attention on what we desire requires tremendous discipline of thought.

I've been spending a great deal of time pondering this question lately while completing my new Inspired Science of Getting Rich Program, which is based on the study of Wallace Wattles' book The Science of Getting Rich.

And I've come to the conclusion that the answer is simply this: it's hard work to stay focused on what we want regardless of present or past appearances.

"There is no labor from which most people shrink
as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought."

-- Wallace Wattles

Wattles nailed it in his book. We live in a world where we've been conditioned to react to what's before us. With very few exceptions, we have forgotten how to choose our thoughts deliberately.

Focusing on what you want for more than a few seconds at a time is very hard work which requires strong mental focus. It requires a strong will to hold your attention on the prosperity you are looking to attract while the value of the stocks in your retirement account are plummeting, or while the price of gas is going through the roof, or while another unpaid bill sits in your mail box, or while your bank account sits empty.

And yet, if we are to be successful at using law of attraction, we must discipline our minds to do exactly that. We must learn to discipline our minds in order to stay fixed upon where we're going rather than where we are (or where we've been).

This is the pre-requisite to mastery of use of the law and it requires persistence and practice. Lots of persistence. And lots of practice.

After all, for most of us, there are decades upon decades of conditioning to be undone.

And it's the single biggest reason most people fail at this. They may have the self discipline to focus on what they want for a day, or maybe two, but rarely more than that.

It takes 30 days to build a habit -- in that time we're literally able to rewire the neural pathways in our brains so that a pattern of thinking becomes second nature.

If you want to begin to master the art of law of attraction, the place to start is to build that habit of thinking that sees you place your focus and attention only on where you intend to go. Resolve to do so every day for 30 days. Persist through the periods of doubt or fear that inevitably arise. Hold your thought on where you want to go, no matter how difficult. Focus only on what you want.

After 30 days, see what happens.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Attracting Prosperity: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

On our weekly Inspired Prosperity radio show this past Sunday, we were chatting about the stories we tell ourselves and the importance they play in attracting the abundance and prosperity we desire in our lives.

This has been a common message in so much of the material I've read and studied. It's a fundamental teaching of Abraham in the book Money and the Law of Attraction -- that is if you want a better life, start telling yourself a better story.

I remember seeing Bob Proctor speak about the idea of living your life as if you are the star of your own movie. Why settle for the role of an extra? Afterall, it's YOUR MOVIE!

This has always rung very true to me.

And yet it shouldn't be surprising at all that telling yourself a better story is sage advice. It's prevalent in all of the self help teachings.

One of the books that I've embraced and have studied deeply is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. It's the basis of my new Inspired Science of Getting Rich program.

In his book, which was published in 1910, Wattles talks about the importance of thinking in the "certain way". He discusses the importance of directing your will internally and holding the thought of what you want with full clarity and purpose ... regardless of appearances.

In other words, keep telling yourself the better story of where you're going.

As Wattles explains, thoughts are real things and we create through our thought. So by deliberately focusing on what we want and where we're going, we are framing the story we are telling ourselves. And then we get to watch the story unfold.

And so that's why the stories we tell ourselves are so vitally important in enabling us to attract the prosperity and abundance we desire in our lives. The better we get at consistently telling our story, the more rapidly we get to live it.

So what story are you telling yourself today?