Thursday, October 2, 2008

Attracting Prosperity: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

On our weekly Inspired Prosperity radio show this past Sunday, we were chatting about the stories we tell ourselves and the importance they play in attracting the abundance and prosperity we desire in our lives.

This has been a common message in so much of the material I've read and studied. It's a fundamental teaching of Abraham in the book Money and the Law of Attraction -- that is if you want a better life, start telling yourself a better story.

I remember seeing Bob Proctor speak about the idea of living your life as if you are the star of your own movie. Why settle for the role of an extra? Afterall, it's YOUR MOVIE!

This has always rung very true to me.

And yet it shouldn't be surprising at all that telling yourself a better story is sage advice. It's prevalent in all of the self help teachings.

One of the books that I've embraced and have studied deeply is The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. It's the basis of my new Inspired Science of Getting Rich program.

In his book, which was published in 1910, Wattles talks about the importance of thinking in the "certain way". He discusses the importance of directing your will internally and holding the thought of what you want with full clarity and purpose ... regardless of appearances.

In other words, keep telling yourself the better story of where you're going.

As Wattles explains, thoughts are real things and we create through our thought. So by deliberately focusing on what we want and where we're going, we are framing the story we are telling ourselves. And then we get to watch the story unfold.

And so that's why the stories we tell ourselves are so vitally important in enabling us to attract the prosperity and abundance we desire in our lives. The better we get at consistently telling our story, the more rapidly we get to live it.

So what story are you telling yourself today?

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