Monday, April 30, 2007

Transform Your Life Through Personal Development & Self Growth

Personal development, self development, self growth, self help – these are all terms that can be used somewhat interchangeably to describe an industry that has been often maligned, but which is also growing exponentially and now seems poised (with the advent of such phenomena as the film The Secret), to enter a new stage of heightened growth and mass consciousness.

Critics of the personal development industry will assert that the ideas expressed within self help books and by inspirational speakers are misleading. They will suggest that such programs offer "easy answers" that don't hold up to practical scrutiny and in fact prey upon the inherent psychological susceptibility of people.

Cynics suggest the only people being helped by the self growth books on the market are the authors who wrote them. Or they argue that many of the principles behind personal development, such as Law of Attraction, are based on pseudo-science and without validity.

Yet for all of the detractors, there is a genuine movement afoot. And it is clearly based on something people perceive as "real". Something definitely is going: people's lives are being transformed.

And regardless of what critics may think of someone such as, say Tony (Anthony) Robbins – who has in a large way shaped the modern personal development industry – there is no denying that he has helped thousands upon thousands of people live better, happier, more successful lives.

And I need look no further than my own life to find evidence of the transformation that is possible through the active practice of personal development.

Since leaping into the study and practice of personal development in 2004, my wife Michelle and I have personally witnessed a tremendous transformation. We replaced an executive income with a home based business, have become happier people, better parents, created an unencumbered lifestyle where we are free to do what we want without asking permission from someone or asking to be allowed to take the time to do so, feel good about ourselves, help other people, and have nearly tripled our net worth.

So there is one thing we can say based on our personal experience – the principles and daily practice of personal development and self growth absolutely work.

So put those same personal development principles to work for yourself and see whether or not you are able to transform your life.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Discover The Crocodiles Lurking In Your Mind And Use Law Of Attraction To Overcome Them

As you spend each day learning to more deliberately apply Law of Attraction in your life, is it becoming clear to you that that majority of your obstacles are inside your own head?

Consider this.

"The crocodile attack that claimed the most human lives happened on February 19, 1945 when part of the Imperial Japanese Army unit guarding a stronghold on the Burmese island of Ramree was outmaneuvered by a British naval force.

The Japanese soldiers were forced to cross 10 miles of mangrove swamps to rejoin a larger battalion of the Japanese infantry. The swamps were home to thousands of 15-ft saltwater crocodiles. By the next morning, only 20 of the original 1,000 Japanese soldiers had survived."

When I read this recently, I was astounded by the story. And it got me to thinking.

So what are the crocodile infested swamps we need to navigate in our lives? What crocodile like obstacles must each of us become equipped to overcome if we want to achieve the freedom we seek?

I believe the ugliest and the baddest of the crocodiles are the crocodiles that lurk in our own minds.

Specifically, they are the self limiting beliefs and other thoughts that don't serve us, but which we insist on hanging onto.

I'm willing to bet that each of us has thousands of self limiting beliefs that we buy into every day. Often without even realizing that's what we are doing.

So what does it take then to be successful? Well, what did it take for the 20 surviving soldiers to successfully navigate their way across the mangroves?

To overcome the crocodiles, it's necessary to start from the end. Be larger than yourself in terms of vision and goals, trust in the magic of your belief, and then follow-through with unwavering persistence.

There is a magical moment when you finally really, really believe in what is possible for yourself and what you are able to achieve - well beyond what you may have previously considered.

This is often what you experience when you have "breakthrough" success in a new venture (be it a home business, a new project, venture or otherwise). You may have started out doing what you knew you had to do because you see an opportunity that is so attractive and because there is a process that makes logical sense to you.

But the tipping point comes when as the results begin manifesting, you are finally able to believe completely in what you can do and those lingering doubts vanish. You can see the progress you are making towards your goals and you create a vision larger than yourself that you believe unequivocally -- and that is when everything explodes exponentially.

Just imagine the degree of doubt those 20 surviving soldiers would have had to overcome and how impenetrable their belief in their ability to cross the mangroves had to be in order for them to survive. Consider what the spectacle of the feeding frenzy amongst the crocodiles must have looked and sounded like and the degree of fear and self limiting beliefs each soldier had to overcome. And think about the degree of commitment and follow-through that was necessary to make it to the other side. There was no room for hesitation - everything relied upon instant decisions and follow-through if they were to survive.

Just as few of the soldiers survived the crossing of the mangroves, few people ever survive the crossing of the swamps in their minds that enables them to live out their dreams.
But for those that do, it is the focus and vision that they have, the absolute belief in their vision that they carry, and the non-negotiable follow-through that they employ. These are the basic ingredients, available to each of us, which can be used to determine the thoughts we choose, the beliefs we foster, and the actions we take which ultimately will define the path to our own success.

There are tremendous opportunities and enormous waves of momentum that are out there to be ridden. Opportunities abound everywhere. But in order to catch a wave, each of us needs to be prepared to swim out to it. It is our own vision, belief and follow-through that will determine which of us will get there.

If 20 Japanese soldiers were able to cross 10 miles of mangrove swamps and overcome thousands of crocodiles, while 980 comrades were eaten, I have absolutely no doubt that any of us can navigate the swamps in our mind and achieve anything we choose to achieve.
There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve except for the limits we impose upon ourselves.

And if we begin surrounding ourselves with like minded people with the same strong sense of belief and vision as we have, pretty soon we can leverage the strength and support of an entire team surrounding us.

So, there is no reason for any of us to ever limit ourselves.

Be awesome and start swimming today by learning to make Law of Attraction work for you.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Law Of Attraction Works – Whether You Use It Deliberately Or Not

In our work, we're very focused on the deliberate use of Law of Attraction.

This law states, simply, that you attract into your experience whatever it is you focus on.


This is very powerful. For it means that any of us has the power to create whatever life we desire simply by applying Law of Attraction in a deliberate way.

But there's a downside to Law of Attraction. And it's this ... you attract into your experience whatever it is you focus on.

Now if your focus is on what you don’t want – too many bills, too much debt, things that have gone wrong – then guess what you are going to get? More of those things you do not want.

And so there’s the downside.

By not being consciously aware of what you are focusing on, should your default position be on the things you don’t want (which tends to be the case for the majority of people), then Law of Attraction gives you more of the same.

This is why the deliberate use of Law of Attraction is so key. It is in this way you can control what you are attracting.

This can be a very elusive concept.

Remember, the thoughts you have lead to words, which lead to a feeling, which leads to an action, which determines the vibration you are sending.

Law of Attraction matches your vibration.

So, if that’s the case, then your job is to mind your own vibration. It's your job to ensure your are in vibrational harmony with what you want.

So how do you mind your vibration? By being very mindful of and monitoring the language you are using in your conversations. And taking the time to correct your language whenever you catch yourself.

Now, there’s one conversation in particular which requires very specific attention. That’s the conversation you are having with yourself.

You know what I’m referring to. It’s always there. Even right now while you are reading this.
There’s that little voice in your head which is always commentating of what you are seeing, what you are doing, what you are thinking – everything.

And it’s easy to recognize when you’re paying attention. It may say things like “that’s stupid”, “that was dumb”, “this isn’t going to work”, “I always fail”, etc.

Well, in everyone of those examples, your self talk is entirely focused on what you don’t want. And Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between what you want and what you don’t want. It only gives you what you are focused on.

Realize that every time you say something like that, whether out loud to someone else or to yourself, you are sabotaging yourself and your results.

So monitor your language diligently. Each time you catch yourself, pause and then correct.
“So, what is it I do want?”

“That’s interesting”, “this works for lots of people, it can work for me too”, “I always succeed when I put my mind to it”.

Begin monitoring your language and you will start to get better at refocusing on the things that you do want.

And as you get better at that, the better your results will be as well. You will be avoiding the downside of Law of Attraction because you will be applying the Law of Attraction deliberately.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Do You Have A Wealthy Mindset For Success? (Part 2)

This is a continuation of yesterday's topic. Do you have a wealthy mindset for success?

Here are the second ten of the the Top 20 Principles of the Wealthy

11. Broke people work by the hour. Wealthy people work by the month.

12. Broke people want to know that after 1 hour of work they have something to show for it. Wealthy people find broke people who think like that – and make them their employees.

13. Broke people get excited when they just get hired. Wealthy people think it is funny someone can be fooled that easily; they are just making a wealthy person wealthier.

14. Broke people complain a lot. Wealthy people are thankful no one shot at them today, that they didn't have to fight in a war, and that they don't have a job.

15. Broke people are more concerned about what other people are doing. Wealthy people are only concerned about what they can be doing to get more done.

16. Broke people think that if no one is doing something, it must suck. Wealthy people think that if no one is doing something, it means more money for them.

17. Broke people think if everyone (all 200 people at a meeting in a city of 1 million) is doing something, the market must be saturated. Wealthy people think that broke people aren't very bright.

18. Broke people think it is okay for others to live where they want to live, drive what they want to drive, and do what they want to do. Wealthy people expect to live where they want to live, drive what they want to drive, and do what they want to do.

19. Broke people are accepting of the fact they cannot do these things. Wealthy people get sick just thinking about being average.

20. Broke people think that other people's opinions are worth more than their dreams. Wealthy people think that their dreams are worth more than other people's opinions.

You must learn to be wealthy and to develop a successful mindset. You must learn from the Broke and neither do what they do, nor think what they think.

The best thing you can do for a Broke person ... is to not be counted as one. Develop a wealthy mindset and instead be wealthy.

Thanks for reading.

Warren Wojnowski

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do You Have A Wealthy Mindset For Success?

Do you have a wealthy mindset? A prosperity mindset?

As I mentioned previously, I believe one of the fundamental keys to success is mindset.

We live in a culture which has socialized a poverty consciousness. This is ingrained from the earliest of days through family, government, school, church, etc.

And it is the single biggest obstacle to your success.

So, what is the difference between a Poverty Consciousness and a Prosperity Consciousness?

Perhaps the most effective way to demonstrate the difference is through contrast.

So here it is. Observe the thoughts and feelings that come up for you as you read each of these points. What do they tell you about yourself?

I call these the top The Top 20 Principles of the Wealthy

  1. Broke people think that everything is too good to be true, whereas Wealthy people think getting a job sounds too bad to be true.

  2. Broke people give up when things don't go their way; a few disappointments and they are on to something else, saying things like "it wasn't for me". Wealthy people work harder and become more determined when things go bad, and they understand you have to take the bad with the good in order to make it.

  3. Broke people always have an excuse. Wealthy people say "my fault" and refuse to make excuses.

  4. Broke people think not getting what they want is okay. Wealthy people are disgusted at the notion of not getting what they want and will do whatever it takes.

  5. Broke people always have to talk it over with their broke friends to make sure no one will make fun of them if they make a decision. Wealthy people think for themselves and couldn't care less what their broke friends think.

  6. Broke people are never coach-able, nor teachable. Wealthy people are always learning; even when the money starts coming in, they never stop learning from those who were there first.

  7. Broke people are scared of others. Wealthy people entrust in others and know other people are crucial to their success.

  8. Broke people are always procrastinating. They would rather talk about it, read about it, think about it, but never seem to do anything about it. Wealthy people hate doing anything but getting it done.

  9. Broke people are glad when the day is over. Wealthy people love it when the day begins.

  10. Broke people think wealthy people are "lucky". Wealthy people put themselves in a position to be "lucky" and then work hard to make the "luck" show up.

That's it for today. I'll continue with part 2 tomorrow ...

Thanks for reading.

Warren Wojnowski

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Friday, April 13, 2007

How To Create The Life You Want By Following A Daily Recipe For Success

Is it possible to follow a daily recipe that will allow you to deliberately create the life that you want?

If you’ve been studying personal development for any length of time, you will be very familiar with the concept that you “create your own reality”.

This is because it’s the thoughts you are thinking, which lead to a feeling or feelings you have, which lead to an action or actions you take.

And so you’ve created your life.

Have you ever wondered how to deliberately create your own reality day by day? Do you find yourself struggling to shake the nagging thoughts and habits that are holding you back from getting what you really want out of life?

If so, then here’s an exercise you can apply daily to assist you in changing your outcome. Simply approach the day as if you are baking a cake.

Whoa, what do you mean “baking a cake”? How is that going to help me?

Well … when you are baking a cake you follow a recipe.

First, you decide what kind of cake you will bake. Will it be chocolate or angel food? A cheesecake or a tort?

Second, you ensure you have all of the correct ingredients to bake the cake. Cream cheese will be essential for the lemon cheesecake, but it will ruin the angel food.

Third, you mix and combine the ingredients in carefully measured amounts, according to the recipe. Too much salt can ruin the recipe. Leaving out a key ingredient will likewise result in a poor result and a cake you will not enjoy.

Fourth, you bake the cake in an oven pre-heated to the correct temperature. Once again, monitoring it carefully to ensure it is neither underdone nor baked too long so that it burns.

Once it is done, you remove the cake gently, allow it to cool and add your favorite frosting or accompaniments. And then you sit down with family or friends or a good book and you enjoy your cake.

It looks good. It tastes good. It is good. And because you baked it yourself, it’s the best damn cake you’ve ever had.

Hmm … could we not apply the same basic principles to creating a recipe for the day we wish to create?

Each day, we rise with the desire to have a great day – or at least most of us do.

So ask yourself whether or not you might be sabotaging your result because you are not following the correct recipe. Ask yourself what ingredients you are putting into your cake.

For example, first thing in the morning, as you wake up from your sleep and before getting out of bed, do you pause for a moment to reflect on the awesome day you intend to have or do you curse the sun and throw the pillow over top your head? Do you get up promptly so that you have time to iron that shirt or do you hit “snooze” three times so that you’ve made yourself late?

Do you wake up to some inspiring music or motivational material or to the newscast telling you about all of the bad things that have happened already today? Do you turn on the Constantly Negative News or do you put on a CD of Wayne Dyer or Tony Robbins?

Considering you’ve been lying in bed dehydrating for several hours, do you sensibly have a glass of water first thing or a cigarette? What about breakfast? Do you take the time to eat something sensible or do you skip it altogether as you dash out the door?

Do you see the difference? You can either be nurturing yourself with positive messages and healthy ingredients in your morning routine or you can bombard yourself with negativity and toxins. Either way you are setting the tone for your day. The base layer of your cake has been assembled.

And so it carries on from there. If you’re commuting to work are you impatiently riding the bumper of the car in front of you or are you relaxed and enjoying the ride. When that car happens to cut you off, do you flip him the bird or do you smile and let it go?

When you arrive at work, are you smiling at your co-workers and saying “good morning” and wishing them a good day? Or do you walk in with your head down, avoid eye contact and grumble should someone actually be brave enough to wish you a good morning? What kind of tone are you setting for your work day and are you establishing yourself as someone others would even want to spend any time with?

Throughout your day, what ingredients are you putting into your cake?

And finally when the end of the day comes around, do you find yourself taking the time to reflect on the wins you had and enjoy the taste of that perfect cake or are you dwelling on the things that went wrong and why your cake tastes awful? Are you going to sleep content with what you’ve done and eagerly anticipating the next cake you bake or are you filled with dread about tomorrow?

Either way you’ve chosen the ingredients for your day and you’ve baked your own cake. You’ve determined the outcome of your day.

So today, choose your ingredients carefully and bake a great cake. Who knows, by making this a habit you apply daily, you might just wake up one morning to find yourself living a great life – day by day.

Happy baking.

Warren Wojnowski
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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome to Inspired Abundance Wealth Creation


Welcome to my blog!

The point of this blog is to talk about creating a mindset of abundance which enables you to live the life that you want.

I'm very focused in my own work on learning about and deliberately applying the laws of the universe -- specifically Law of Attraction -- in all aspects of my life.

And one of the aspects in my life I focus a great deal upon is wealth creation.

I've come to believe there is, in fact, a formula that can be applied which serves almost as a blue print for a wealth building strategy. A simplistic view of the key components of such a blue print are:

  1. Your belief system and your relationship with money
  2. Your wealth building habits
  3. Learning to become your own advisor
  4. Becoming an active wealth builder
  5. Starting one or more businesses of your own
  6. Looking outside the box for opportunities

But it all starts with component number one -- creating a mindset of abundance which becomes your belief system.

So that's where I'll be focusing first.

Enjoy the journey.

Warren Wojnowski

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