Monday, April 30, 2007

Transform Your Life Through Personal Development & Self Growth

Personal development, self development, self growth, self help – these are all terms that can be used somewhat interchangeably to describe an industry that has been often maligned, but which is also growing exponentially and now seems poised (with the advent of such phenomena as the film The Secret), to enter a new stage of heightened growth and mass consciousness.

Critics of the personal development industry will assert that the ideas expressed within self help books and by inspirational speakers are misleading. They will suggest that such programs offer "easy answers" that don't hold up to practical scrutiny and in fact prey upon the inherent psychological susceptibility of people.

Cynics suggest the only people being helped by the self growth books on the market are the authors who wrote them. Or they argue that many of the principles behind personal development, such as Law of Attraction, are based on pseudo-science and without validity.

Yet for all of the detractors, there is a genuine movement afoot. And it is clearly based on something people perceive as "real". Something definitely is going: people's lives are being transformed.

And regardless of what critics may think of someone such as, say Tony (Anthony) Robbins – who has in a large way shaped the modern personal development industry – there is no denying that he has helped thousands upon thousands of people live better, happier, more successful lives.

And I need look no further than my own life to find evidence of the transformation that is possible through the active practice of personal development.

Since leaping into the study and practice of personal development in 2004, my wife Michelle and I have personally witnessed a tremendous transformation. We replaced an executive income with a home based business, have become happier people, better parents, created an unencumbered lifestyle where we are free to do what we want without asking permission from someone or asking to be allowed to take the time to do so, feel good about ourselves, help other people, and have nearly tripled our net worth.

So there is one thing we can say based on our personal experience – the principles and daily practice of personal development and self growth absolutely work.

So put those same personal development principles to work for yourself and see whether or not you are able to transform your life.

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Raymond Chua said...

Hey, I'm a big fan of The Law of Attraction. My life changed drastically in positive way after I have watched "The Secret" I couldn't believe it.

It's all too good to be true and the whole idea become even clearer after I read "Attraction Accelerator" by Bob Proctor
(you can download it at for FREE)

I'm so grateful to those who involve in making such a great video.

A big thank you from Raymond. Muahh.