Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Simple Way To Immediately Raise Your Vibration

Before you start into the activities of your day, think about the things you can do to get yourself grounded and started well so that you approach your day in a fashion that is going to serve you well as you move forward in building the life you want.

Warren WojnowskiWhen you first wake up in the morning, you want to "set" the level of vibration you carry into your day.

By law of attraction, the way you feel about yourself is going to determine the level of vibration you carry. You are about to discover one simple step you can take every day that will automatically help you feel good about yourself and raise your level of vibration.

One of the key principles that determines your level of success in your life is your ability to "be the leader". Your ability to be the leader starts with your mindset and preparation. One of the key aspects of mindset that matters as you go about beginning to build and live your dream, has to do with your own level of vibration and the degree to which you create harmony and alignment with what you want.

One of the simplest steps you can take to accomplish this is to spend some time in the morning to "wrap you package".

What does wrapping your package mean? It means taking the time to consider what you look like and how you have chosen to dress and groom yourself for the day.

This is especially pertinent if part of living your dream entails being a home based entrpreneur. When you are working from home one of the great advantages is that can choose to work in your pajamas all day if you want to. You literally can throw on your house coat, put on a cup of coffee, plop yourself down in front of your computer, place some advertisements and then get on the phone and start calling people.

But there's something about that scenario to consider. If you are unshaven, undressed, haven't bothered to have a shower and look out of sorts, when you look in the mirror how do you feel about yourself? Does the image you see match that of the successful you in your mind that makes you feel good, or do you start to feel a little bit negative about who you are, what you are and how you look?

The extent to which it doesn't support your positive image of you, how do you suppose that translates into your level of vibration that you carry into everything else you do in your day?

A real simple tip you can apply that will help you feel better about yourself and which is going to help raise your vibration and make you more effective at whatever you do is this: take the time in the morning to groom yourself.

Take the time to actually have a shower, get yourself dressed, and look good -- even on the weekends! Because when you look good, you feel good. And your level of vibration is automatically higher.

This is one of the very first steps you can take in your day to begin to align your vibration with the successful you, the CEO of you Inc., the creator of your own dream that you aspire to be. You can begin to tap into that person right away by simply taking the time at the beginning of your day to wrap your package the way you would expect someone who is successful to have their package wrapped.

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