Thursday, May 8, 2008

Overcoming Fear By Taking Action

Do you give into your fears or take action to pursue your dreams?

If fears and dreams are simply the opposite sides of the same coin, what is the key trigger that makes one outcome more likely than the other?

I suppose there are several, but it seems to me it is the willingness to take action.

In my experience, focusing on fear leads to indecision and inaction -- we have a tendency to freeze like deer in the headlights.

But conversely, focusing on our dreams and what we want leads to inspired action. And it's inspired action taken with faith and purpose that can move mountains and alter history. It's what carries us down the road to inspired prosperity.

Don't believe me?

I invite you to watch this video clip of Andy Andrews, as he shares the story of Joshua Chamberlain, a true person of action.

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Michelle Wojnowski said...

Great historical example on the video by Andy Andrews. He is such a fabulous speaker and very empowering. Thanks a lot Warren for the clip. Personally, each one of us had lots of examples of overcoming fear. For example, if you look back at how you felt before and after taking a big exam. Remember how anxious you felt before the test, dreading it, worried, all that fear before the exam. Then right after the test is over, remember much relief you felt, regardless of the outcome! You felt better because you took the action. By taking action, you over come the fear, you make it disappear! You will get immediate relief. So don't procrastinate, not ever, it just prolongs the agony...

Michelle Wojnowski