Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Conquering Fears And Pursuing Dreams

Fear is an interesting animal. Conquering our fears is something most of us have so much difficulty with (at least in certain aspects of our lives) that it's spawned its own industry of gurus teaching us not to be afraid and not to give in to our fears.

Or selling us products to protect us from the unfortunate outcomes that will befall us.

For the most part, it is all in our heads.

As I've suggested previously, fear is generally focused upon a future outcome we anticipate or imagine. The outcome is something we do not want and we're predisposed to believing it's the only possible outcome if we carry forward.

Perhaps the most insidious aspect of fear is that it often leads us to freeze ... to do nothing because there's the possibility it will turn out bad. In other words, we find ourselves playing not to get hurt rather than playing to win.

How can that lead to a fulfilling life of inspired abundance?

And there are all kinds of fears. The fear of speaking in public is a big one ... but its just a conversation.

In martial arts, we learn to break boards with our hands and feet. Yet so many beginners are afraid they will break their hand.

A year or so ago, I walked barefoot on fire and hot coals that were over 1200 degrees fahrenheit. My mind told me I would get burned (or worse) ... in fact I had to sign a release acknowledging I could die. I didn't get burned at all.

Financial fear is another big one. I believe we've been so conditioned that few of us will ever break free of our financial fears. We worry about being able to provide for our families, send the kids to college, or retire with enough money to live.

We're inundated with offers of insurance and commercials focusing on the minefield of risks before us. We are so concerned about losing money that we end up not participating in opportunities when they come along. We presuppose the outcome and so don't even try.

At what point is it where we chose to put more faith in our fears than in our dreams?

Dreams are simply the opposite side of the coin from fear. They also represent an anticipated or imagined outcome.

Why is the dream less likely to occur than the outcome we fear?

The truth is that it isn't less likely.

But we do tend to get what we focus on and what we believe. Perhaps its time to invest a little more energy in focusing upon and believing in what is possible ... that dreams do come true if we persist with faith and belief in ourselves.

By putting more focus and attention on pursuing our dreams, we end up conquering our fears.

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