Friday, May 16, 2008

Law of attraction: are your results fickle?

As I continue to practice the deliberate use of law of attraction, I find my results are often very fickle.

Why is that?

Well, there are many nuances to sending out a consistent set of signals to the universe that represent a consistent vibration. Too often, I discover that there are subtle counter intentions at play which negate the original signal I am intending.

Let's walk through a simple example.

Let's suppose I have a strong desire to be successful with a new home business I've decided to start up. My desire is strong and I see myself earning 5 figures a month with my new enterprise. In fact I feel very excited.

The business I've chosen to begin happens to be a network marketing business (since that's one of the easiest businesses to get started with) and I know that to properly position myself for maximum success in its compensation plan requires an investment in myself and its products. (This is typically true for any any network marketing business ... really it's true for pretty much any business.)

What happens if I choose not to properly position myself until after I start making enough money with the business to cover the additional investment?

This is a very common decision people choose to make when they get started in a new business. But by law of attraction, what is the result that decision is most likely to attract?

On the one hand, I've said to the universe I expect to earn 5 figures a month with my new business.

But on the other hand, my hesitation to position myself for maximum success sends a different signal. It says, " I am not sure if I can really do this" or "I haven't decided if I'm really ready" or something like that.

So, have I positioned myself for success or "failure"?

The universe is going to mirror back to me what I am sending. And in this example, more often than not, that result is going to be far less than what I desire.

I lapse into this kind of inconsistency all the time. And I see others lapse into this all of the time.

Going back to the example above, I'm convinced it's one of the primary reasons most business start ups fail. The follow-up actions people start taking with their business are in conflict with their initial intent. They are not actions taken to position themselves for maximum success (which is what you said you want) and so the universe sees that you're not taking the subsequent steps that demonstrate you really mean it.

This inconsistency in follow-through action will for the most part negate the strength of the original intention in pretty much any example and in any aspect of your life. And sometimes the counter intention can be so subtle, it's very difficult to spot.

Yet, to live a life of inspired abundance means ensuring our actions are in full alignment with our intentions. It means taking the actions necessary to position ourselves for success -- to position ourselves to receive. When we fail to do so, when we fail to demonstrate follow through, our results are going to continue to be fickle at best.

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Matt said...

How about trying the following affirmation for your new business:

"The possibility that I am creating for myself and my new business is the possibility of abundance, growth, and learning".

This statement is true and the Universe will give you exactly what you need to learn when the time is right to grow your business.