Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tending the Garden of Your Dreams: Persistence and Belief

What seeds are you planting in the garden of your dreams ... and better still, are you demonstrating the persistence and belief to focus your energy on tending the garden so that you are providing the best growing environment for those dreams?

Picking up our conversation about beliefs from yesterday, what are your expectations regarding goals or intentions or goals you've set in your life? Do you trust that they are coming and focus your attention on supportive activities?

Let's use the analogy of a garden.

When you prepare your planting beds and actually plant the seeds, do you then dig the seeds up in a few days to see if they have started to sprout? Or do you trust that the seeds will grow and instead focus on properly watering and feeding the soil, and keeping the beds weed free?

When planting a garden, it's so easy for us to have the trust in nature that the seeds know what to do and we understand our job is to provide a supportive growth environment for the seedlings.

It's no different when we are planting the seeds of our dreams.

Yet how often might you find yourself literally digging up the seeds to look for evidence of growth ... that the seeds of your dreams have begun to take root? And of course, everytime we do that, we're potentially killing the seeds or at the very least their growth is stymied the second we disturb the roots in the ground.

Belief is about trusting enough that the seed will know how to grow and allowing it to do so by placing our focus and attention on maintaining a healthy growth environment. And living a life of inspired abundance is about then reaping the fruits of our garden tending.

But the reaping comes well after the sowing.

In the case of our dreams ... the garden and growth environment we must tend to are in our minds.

So ... with that thought, what weeding of your thought garden are you going to do today?

My buddy Peter at The Wealthy Attitude sent me the link to this video yesterday and it struck me as a wonderful illustration of the concept of persistence and faith in our purpose as we go about tending our gardens with peristence and belief, knowing that one day our dreams will grow magnificently.

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