Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ready For Wealth and Riches: A Wealthy Mindset

Are you ready for wealth and riches? Do you have a wealthy mindset?

Think about the question for a moment and whether you are really, truly ready for wealth. Do you have the mindset and attitude necessary to allow wealth to not only come to you, but to then stay with you?

In our society, we are subjected to a lot of subtle (well, actually, not so subtle) negative messages that suggest there is something inherently wrong or inappropriate with wanting to be wealthy, rich and prosperous. And because of this programming, most of us really aren't ready for wealth -- which in large part explains why 97% of us are not wealthy.

The negative programming is inescapable. Our attitudes towards wealth and money are influenced from birth by images and expressions such as "money doesn't grow on trees" or "the filthy rich". We're taught that we must "work hard" for our money if we are to deserve it at all.

Yet, it is completely normal and natural to desire to be rich or wealthy or properous. This is a normal expression of the desire for expansion, which is inherent in all things. We must grow or we must die.

As a society, we seem prepared to accept the idea of growth and expansion as noble in most areas, but not necessarily when it comes to wealth and money.

Isn't that interesting ...

We carry beliefs around with us that in fact serve to sabotage our efforts to create wealth and build a life of inspired abundance. Underneath it all, most of us feel it's wrong to want to be rich and that we don't deserve it.

For must of us then, the road to wealth and freedom begins with letting go of the notion that we're somehow unworthy or that we should feel ashamed if we desire to become rich.

That is the reason I believe that the foundation of an wealth creation plan must begin with developing a healthy wealth mindset. And it means developing an understanding of what being rich and wealthy really is ... for it's much more than simply money.

In the absence of the mindset, we will never be ready for wealth. Here's a video summary of what real riches and wealth are, as narrated by Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book Think and Grow Rich.

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