Friday, March 21, 2008

Andy Andrews I Will Seek Wisdom

Warren & Michelle Wojnowski with Andy Andrews Warren & Michelle with Andy Andrews

I will seek wisdom.

In celebration of the upcoming release of his newest book, Mastering The Seven Decisions, we are revisiting Andy Andrews and the seven decisions that determine personal success from his classic book The Traveler's Gift.

Today we are talking about decision number two: I will seek wisdom.

Who do you hang out with and what learning are you applying in your life so that you are continuously raising your financial IQ, your social IQ, your relationship IQ, or any other IQ?
Your results will only ever reflect the level of learning you are embracing. So seeking the counsel of others is a key aspect of seeking and finding wisdom that can then be applied in your life, regardless of the area on which you prefer to focus.
There are many ways to do this. One of the simplest is to pay close attention to what you are reading and to whom you are listening.

What's the last book you read and finished? Do you know? If so, good for you. Most people don't know because most people aren't reading and aren't actively learning. There's much wisdom out there for the taking if you commit yourself to reading one book a month on a topic such as wealth building or personal improvement.

And by reading just one book a month, you will have separated yourself from the pack in a huge way.

One of my favorite ways of reading a book is by listening to them on audio in my car. It doesn't take any extra time on my part, and I get to hear and learn something useful in the process. Andy Andrews' Traveler's Gift audio book is phenomenal.

Here's another video from my wealth creation newsletter series in which I reflect on the second decision, I will seek wisdom.

Andy Andrews Mastering the Seven DecisionsAnd finally, don't forget about our contest. Inspired Abundance is giving away 5 brand new copies of Andy Andrews new book, Mastering The Seven Decisions. Simply post a comment about the 7 decisions to this blog and you are automatically entered. And remember, decision number two is very simple: I will seek wisdom.

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