Thursday, March 13, 2008

The science of getting rich

Are you familiar with the book The Science of Getting Rich? I just finished reading this book yet again, and I find myself almost haunted by the simplicity of its teachings.

The Science of Getting Rich was originally published in 1910 and was written by Wallace Wattles. It's gained something of a rebirth in popularity over the past several years, particularly with the more recent popularity of the film The Secret.

Wattles' book outlines the the process of creative visualization, which is one of the foundations upon which The Science of Getting Rich is based. It has gained strong popularity within the self help industry because, while he doesn't use the exact language, it is really about harnessing law of attraction.

In addition, his book precedes the far more popular classic Think And Grow Rich, which was written by Napoleon Hill. Upon reading the two books, one can't help but wonder to what degree if any, Wattles' work influenced Hill.

For the student of law of attraction and for anyone looking to understand the mechanics of the process of deliberate creation and creating a life of inspired abundance, The Science of Getting Rich is a very valuable read.

Wattles' book is so deceptively simple, it's easy to dismiss. Yet, upon closer review ... and appreciate this is at least the 4th time I've read his book ... it speaks volumes about the process of how to utilize creative thought and visualization in order to put the laws of the universe at work for you. It's truly a brilliant little book.

In fact it is so brilliant, check back at our website and this blog soon, for something called the Inspired Science of Getting Rich. You'll be glad you did.

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