Saturday, March 22, 2008

Andy Andrews I Am A Person Of Action

Warren & Michelle Wojnowski with Andy Andrews Warren & Michelle with Andy Andrews

I am a person of action.

In celebration of the upcoming release of his newest book, Mastering The Seven Decisions, we are revisiting Andy Andrews and the seven decisions that determine personal success from his classic book The Traveler's Gift.

Today we are talking about decision number three: I am a person of action.

Without the action, nothing gets done.
Particularly in times where we face adversity, it is easy to curl up on the couch and wallow in self pity and choose to feel sorry for ourselves. I know ... I've been there.

But the true leader, the successful person who claims greatness, resists these inclinations and recognizes instead that the future is dependent on what he or she will choose to do right now. That is what creates energy and builds momentum.

Your future need not be tied to your past.

But, creating your new future means creating a new you. And that implies taking action to change the decisions you’ve been making, changing the thoughts you’ve been thinking and changing the actions you’ve been making.

You have a vision of where you are going and now you are the leader in your life taking decisive action to move yourself closer to that vision.

Too often, our biggest regrets are about the things we did not do. Be courageous. Seize the moment.

Be a person of action and move steadfastly forward on the path towards your dreams. You will inspire others and, most importantly, you will inspire yourself.

In Andy Andrews' book Traveler's Gift, David Ponder is able to observe this decision in full illustration by watching and listening to Joshua Chamerlain as he chooses to take one definitive action which alters history.

After witnessing Chamberlain's encounter at Gettysburg, Ponder learned that "I am a person of action" is a funamental principle of success in any endeavor.

Here's a video from my wealth creation newsletter series in which I reflect on the Andy Andrews' third decision, I am a person of action.

Andy Andrews Mastering the Seven Decisions
Don't forget about our contest. Inspired Abundance is giving away 5 brand new copies of Andy Andrews new book, Mastering The Seven Decisions. Simply post a comment about the 7 decisions to this blog and you are automatically entered. And remember decision number three as you move through your day today: I am a person of action.

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