Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Andy Andrews Today I Will Choose To Be Happy

Andy Andrews Mastering the Seven Decisions
Today I will choose to be happy.

In celebration of the upcoming release of his newest book, Mastering The Seven Decisions, we are revisiting Andy Andrews and the seven decisions that determine personal success from his classic book The Traveler's Gift.

Today we are talking about decision number five: today I will choose to be happy.
Andy refers to this decision as the joyful decision.
Many people do not believe being happy is a choice. We've undergone a myriad of conditioning which teaches us that life is a struggle and happiness is some far off destination.
But happiness really is simply a choice we can make at any moment and based on that choice we can begin to feel better and allow the joy of the moment into our lives.
As we've discussed many times, our thoughts are the one thing over which we do have control. It's the thoughts we choose that lead to a feeling, which leads to an action, which leads to an outcome. This is the "essence" of law of attraction.
Our experiences in life are the outcome of the choices we've made. Happiness is about enjoying the ride as we go along. It's not a destination point at all. Rather it's a spirit in which we travel the journey.
And by choosing to engage in that spirit, we ourselves become engaging, joyful, fun, happy people others love to be around. We become magnets for friendship and prosperity which gives us even more to choose to be joyful for.
In Andy Andrews' book Traveler's Gift, David Ponder recieves the fifth decision of personal success from Anne Frank. "Our very lives are fashioned by choice. First we make choices. Then our choices make us."
So smile, choose to be happy today, and see what that choice then makes you.
This is such a powerful decision, I'm going to give you two videos on the subject of happiness today. First, here's a video from my wealth creation newsletter series in which I reflect specifically on Andy Andrews' fifth decision, today I will choose to be happy.

And now if you're up to it, here's a second video I put together from our newsletter series which also speaks to the subject of how to live a happy life.

Two days left in our contest!
Remember Inspired Abundance is giving away 5 brand new copies of Andy Andrews new book, Mastering The Seven Decisions. Simply post a comment about the 7 decisions to this blog and you are automatically entered. And remember decision number five as you move through your day today: today I will choose to be happy.

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rosemarieywg said...

Smile, and the world smiles with you, even if you're in pain! Fake it 'till you make it. Nobody knows the difference unless you tell them :) I choose to be happy today, even though I put my back out yesterday, didn't get any sleep last night, and I have a very busy schedule lined up for today. I will smile and be grateful :))))