Friday, March 28, 2008

Persist Without Exception and more on Andy Andrews

Persist without exception has certainly been one of the dominant themes as I've been reviewing the emails that have been sent to me lately in response to our Andy Andrews feature.

Today I am sharing another submission I received as part of the Inspired Abundance contest focused on Andy Andrews.

Today's post is from Colleen Walmsley. Visit Colleen's website.

When I first pondered what “persist without exception” was, my default reaction was it was a verb, action, or character trait that one possessed to have success.

Yes, persistence or perseverance is about continuing to take right action to achieve the desired outcome; however, it also applies to controlling your thoughts or mind as well.

My new awareness: Persistence is a state of being. It is the conviction and commitment ones puts forth in a consistent manner to achieve their next level of greatness. Persistence goes beyond “trying.” It is the conviction that there is real value in your dreams. It is about staying the course and embracing the challenges and stretching that is required on the path of achieving ones goals and dreams. It is about holding true to the deep seeded belief and faith or space from within for the new desired outcome or result.

Persistence is about being your end result as you walk the journey. This encompasses your actions and the thoughts that run through your mind while on this journey.

I now realize that obstacles and challenges are necessary and will appear along the journey. A challenge can either:

  1. drag you into the old conditioning pattern and reroute you from achieving your goal OR

  2. Instil a new awakening from within and activate new thinking.

Every challenge presents a choice. It is how you react to those thoughts and events that will shape your new path.(As a result of this new awareness, I have elected to reread The Traveller’s Gift and take time out to really reflect on the significance these foundations. Thank you Warren for drawing my attention to this work again.)

Wonderful sharing Colleen. Thanks for the terrific feedback.

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