Friday, April 25, 2008

What Is Your Life Purpose? A Celebration Party!

What is your life purpose? Would you believe me if I suggested it is a celebration party?

I met with my good friend Peter (visit Peter's blog here) at Starbucks yesterday and we had one of those rare, wonderful conversations that absolutely stretched the limits of my thinking. It was a brilliant visit which really "rattled my cage".

Peter shared with me that he's come to the conclusion -- make that realization -- that the ongoing need for fulfillment that most of us share is simply our ego playing games to prevent us from remembering who we really are.
His suggestion is that we each fulfill our primary life purpose when we're closer to our memory, so that by the time we're 21, we've likely already done whatever it is we specifically intended to do ... or fulfilled whatever specific purpose we intended to fulfill when we chose to embark on this journey to a physical life experience.

Are you still with me? Good ... as you can see, we are often prone to delve into some deep philosophical and spiritual conversations which, as was the case yesterday, garner looks and stares from eavesdroppers around us.
"Okay Peter", I said. "If we've already fulfilled our purpose, why are we still here?"
This struck me as the logical question as I found my inner dialogue wanting to utterly reject his assertion.
"Because this is the celebration party!" he said. "It's just that most of us don't realize it's supposed to be a party."
Peter went on to explain that we've been cultured into focusing on life extension focused thoughts and activities and have attached illusory purpose, meaning and toil to them (my words).
Our individual and group egos have done a masterful job of distracting us from the truth.
The truth is that, if you've already reached adulthood, then life is supposed to be a celebration, in which we revel in new learning and exploration ... and simply enjoy ourselves. It's meant to be a party. That's what living a life of inspired abundance is really about.
The odd part is that I thought that was what childhood was supposed to be about too. (I never got around to sharing that thought with Peter. Hmm.... )
So here's a question for you: are you living your life as a celebration party? If not, what might your life look like if you were? Is there anything you'd be doing differently? As Peter is prone to say, "noodle that one" for a while.

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D. Paul Walmsley said...

Great post Warren, I'm reminded of something Dr. David Hawkins wrote in his book "Trancending the Levels of Consciousness" where he states that we all enter into a contract before coming into reality where we choose the duration of our stay.

In other words we decide in advance when we come into exsisence and when we leave.

So in tying into your conversation, if we achieve our life purpose before the age of 21 and depending on your pre-arranged departure date it seems we certainly know who the partiers are by their age.(noodle that one)