Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Andy Andrews Persistence Without Exception

I've received yet more feedback on Andy Andrews and the seven decisions that determine personal success, particularly "I will persist without exception".

Today, we'll share another comment which I received from Lynette Chartier. You can visit Lynette's website at

"Persistence without exception....

Persistence to me means knowing what my goals are and moving towards them no matter
what happens, no matter how long it takes to see the success I am wanting. It signifies for me
the ability to rise above the set backs, the frustrations, the moments where you question yourself.

Persistence is making the decision to go forward and being able to ignore current circumstances
or negative comments from others. Persistence is also having faith in the process; having faith in the power within to co-create with the power above. "

Clearly our profile on Andy Andrews and the contest we've run here at Inspired Abundance has struck a chord with many people.

I have one more post I'd like to share which you'll find here tomorrow.

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