Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Zig Ziglar: motivational words and quotes

Zig Ziglar's book, See You At The Top, is likely the very first personal development book I ever read.

Back in 1983, when I was given Zig Ziglar's book by my sales manager in my very first job after leaving university, the term personal development was unknown to me. But there was no mistaking the power of the message in that book.

At the time I had no idea who Zig Ziglar was. It was years later, after I began to fully immerse myself in personal development that I really began to understand the role Zig Ziglar has played in the lives of so many people as one of the key teachers in the self growth and personal development movements. Zig Ziglar has played a key role in my own journey to living a life of inspired abundance, and to embracing personal development as a key aspect of my growth.

So when I came across this video, I felt compelled to share the power of Zig Ziglar and his motivational words.

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