Friday, February 1, 2008

What Is True Happiness?

I've come to believe that true happiness is about enjoying the present moment. I'm really building on the theme of the how to live a happy life video I posted yesterday which was shot while we were up North at a cabin for a few days as a little retreat.

So let me back up and provide a little more context for you. Last week after we had booked the cabin, the weather turned very cold and was not what I'd consider in any way appealing. It had dropped into the -30s and with the windchill we had days well into the -40s. It's cold.

The last thing I felt like doing was loading up the van and driving 4 hours so we could pretend to be popsicles for 4 days. I would fall behind on my website work. We wouldn't be working our business for that time. I'd rather be somewhere warm. Etcetera.

But a funny thing happened. The weather turned warm as we loaded up the van late last Wednesday afternoon. The wind died down and we had a fun, pleasant drive up to to the cabin. I began to enjoy myself. We got settled into the cabin, which was very charming, and time stood still ... I was calm, forgot about all of that "stuff" I was fretting about just hours earlier, and I started enjoying the experience.

As you will have noticed in the video, we had a ton of fun. We played in the cold and we warmed up at the fire place. We had so much fun enjoying the location and cooperating with the environment that we didn't want to come home. We were living a happy life, a life of inspired abundance.

And today, I'm still living a happy life. It's howling outside with winds gusting up to 70 kilometers (over 40 miles) per hour. The snow is blowing and drifting on the highway. Believe it or not it's actually warmed up so it's only -24 with the windchill after hitting -49 a couple of days ago.

I'm sitting in my home office. I don't have to venture anywhere I don't want to go. And I'm loving every moment of today. Because afterall ... today is what I've got. And happiness is all about enjoying wherever I am in the moment.

Make today a happy and joyous day.

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