Friday, February 15, 2008

Personal development and self expression in a home business

What does a home business have to do with personal development?

Following up on yesterday's theme, the quest for fulfillment is such a strong internal driver for most of us. And we need look no further than the growing number of "disenfranchised" people (at least in the Western world) for proof of that statement.

Every day I encounter more and more people who are fed up with the path they find themselves on ... tired or bored with their job or career, frustrated about what they don't have, and desperate to make some kind of change.

They are seeking fulfillment.

This is what is really driving the home based business industry. It's fed by people's quest for fulfillment. Self fulfillment. It's fuelled by our need for self expression. We want to feel we're growing and contributing -- that we're making a difference.

A home based business ... or any start up business for that matter ... is an exercise in personal development. It's an opportunity to learn about yourself, discover where your passions really lie, and create something of your very own. It's an opportunity to experience a life of inspired abundance.

So the most successful home business entrepreneurs are the one's who have truly tapped into their life calling, or purpose. Because they're on purpose, they are passionate about what they are doing and it's that passion that carries them forward and drives them to persevere when they encounter challenges and roadblocks.

So if you're considering starting a home business, or perhaps operate one already but aren't enjoying the success you're seeking, ask yourself what you're truly passionate about. Since what you're really looking for is a vehicle of self expression, it's important that the business you choose to pursue is aligned with where you see your purpose.

By doing so, you will have a degree of commitment to your enterprise that far surpasses what you would normally bring. And ultimately, it's your passion and commitment that will determine the level of success you enjoy.

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