Monday, February 18, 2008

How do I enjoy my life?

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to feel good, but things are going on that are or can easily drag you down? I'm having one of those days right now ... how do I enjoy my life today?

Let me explain...

The hard drive on my pc crashed on Saturday morning and I'm still waiting for the repair utility I'm running to complete its diagnostic and repair. Even though I knew better, I had not adequately backed up the majority of my key files, so it's making for some anxious moments. My whole business and my "life" are on that hard drive.

Whether or not the hard disk will be usable and its data fully recovered I do not yet know. The repair utility has been running for about 44 hours and counting, and it continues to move slowly through the damaged heads and sectors of the disk. I have no alternative but to allow the utility program to do its work, trust in the process, and await the outcome. It will be what it will be.

This is a perfect example of the type of situation where it is incumbent upon me to make a choice about whether or not I choose to let the circumstances ruin my day. And that leads me to ask a question: "With all of this PC drama hanging over my head, how do I set it aside and how do I enjoy my life as I work through my day today?"

I believe the way to enjoy my life is to stay "in the moment". That implies that my job is to see if I can remember that feeling of joy or bliss and recreate it again ... right now.

My job is not to "try" to remember as often as I can, nor is it to remember to do it again tomorrow and the day after. Neither of those examples is about this moment.

The only thing I must focus upon is connecting with the feeling of joy or bliss right now, regardless of what is going on. Regardless of the PC disk repair status.

It becomes a kind of internal game. "Am I able to feel joyous or happy right now? Great ... how about right now? And how about now? What about right now? And now?"

My intention is to live a life of inspired abundance. And the one thing I can control is what I choose to think and feel right now. There may be an external environent and set of circumstances all around me I can react to, but I always have a choice about how I react and where I choose to place my attention.

As for the PC disk repair, I'm curious to see how it will turn out and so that's the attitude I'm choosing to adopt. By focusing on feeling curious about the outcome instead of dreading a particular outcome, it's much easier for me to stay in the moment and feel good at the same time.

So, right now, as I'm writing this, I am enjoying myself immensely and I know the rest of the "stuff" will work itself out however it works itself out. My mind is on the one thing that matters, which is how I'm choosing to feel right now. And right now, I feel good. I am enjoying my life.

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