Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Overcoming procrastination and law of attraction

Procrastination is something I find myself doing almost habitually every day -- which of course really intereferes with allowing law of attraction to work in my favor on a daily basis.

My procrastination may not be around everything ... in fact it's typically around very few things. But it's often around ultimately important things.

It's an interesting phenomenon. Typically, I will catch myself procrastinating around something I know intellectually is important for me to do and then I'll proceed to beat myself up for not doing it.

What a terrible recipe to follow. It's a sure fire way to create vibrational misalignment with what I'm intending. And it's definitely not going to support me in my intention to live a life of inspired abundance today.

But it's not always so easy to overcome procrastination. I often find there's some lingering "thing" going on that is causing me to procrastinate on those very things I've convinced myself I must do.

I've learned that procrastination is generally a symptom of some type of underlying resistance. The resistance may be due to a lack of belief about my ability to do something, or a fear or doubt that's sitting in the back of my mind. It's often barely conscious, but if I'm procrastinating around something then it's there somewhere in the shadows.

Here's an example.

I often find myself procrastinating around my book keeping. I convince myself I don't like it and so tend to put it off. But as I've examined what's going on more closely, I've come to realize I have an underlying fear of doing the book keeping improperly. And in my mind, I will even fast forward from there and imagine having some type of penalty slapped upon me by the tax man.

In response to this fear I procrastinate.

To overcome my procrastination what I've learned to do is to step back, take a breath and remind myself that millions of people in the world easily do their own book keeping. In fact, I probably do a better job with my book keeping than most. And I know I'll feel better once I've sat down and completed it.

That changes my thinking around the task and enables me to move forward through the procrastination. Once I've done that I am realigned vibrationally with my intentions and once again in an allowing state. Law of attraction is once again my friend.

So if you catch yourself procrastinating around a particular task, take a momen to get quiet and tune into what is really playing in your mind. Lock into the underlying feeling or emotion that's the root of the issue. Once you've located the root throught or feeling, change it to something that feels better.

You will immediately become unstuck and able to overcome or work through your procrastination. And then you'll be freely allowing law of attraction to work for you.

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