Monday, January 14, 2008

Attitude Of Success?

Do you carry yourself with an attitude of success?

Yesterday, I was flying home from Miami back to Manitoba, so I had plenty of time on my hands. So I put on my headphones and listened to some Bob Proctor on my MP3 player.

Listening to Bob Proctor, I was reminded of something that I've learned to be very true. Your results are a direct reflection of your attitude.

If you're broke right now, it's because you are operating with the attitude of a broke person. You don't think, feel, look or behave like a wealthy person.

And this doesn't only apply to financial results. It applies to everything ... your health, your diet, your self esteem, your career ... anything.

Your attitude is a reflection of your thinking, so the great thing about it is that in order to change your attitude all you have to do is change your thinking.

So if you want to become a healthy person, start thinking and behaving like a healthy person. By doing that, you'll start to make the same decisions as a healthy person. You'll start to think like a healthy person. And pretty soon, you'll start to become a healthier person.

The same advice applies if you want that next promotion. If you want to be promoted to, let's say a manager, then start acting like a manager. What would a manager do in this situation? How would a good manager handle this? What would a good manager suggest? If I were a strong manager, how would I respond?

It's like play acting. You take on the role and then play the part. You adopt the attitude ... with enthusiasm. The more fully you throw yourself into the role, the more convincing the performance. And the more convincing the performance, the more you become the part.

Do you want to create wealth and success in your life? Start playing the part. How would a wealthy person think, feel, or behave?

Throw yourself into the role with gusto. Pretty soon, you'll have adopted a new habit of thinking and a new attitude for success. And guess what will start showing up more regularly ... more wealth and success.

If you want to be something, you have to start playing the part first ... with enthusiasm! That's how you develop an attitude of success.

Thanks for reading.

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The Wealthy Attitude said...

Warren, nice reflection today. Much appreciated.

On the subject of "Attitude", we are approaching the one year anniversary of the release of the movie, "The Secret". Bob Proctor, one of the principal contributors of the movie, stated last year that the folks who would get the most out of the piece would be the ones that kept an "attitude of openness". This has clearly been proven.

"The Secret" brought the usual detractors out of the woodwork, who tried as hard as they could to refute the lessons portrayed. Their failure is testament to the massive need for the truth of natural laws to be further advanced in our society.

Bob Proctor's "stand" for the truth that our attitude most certainly determines our level of success, or failure, must be held in the highest esteem.

He serves us well, as do you as you keep getting the word out. Some people do listen.