Monday, January 7, 2008

Feed Your Mind To Create A Wealthy Mindset

Are you feeding your mind with nutritious "brain food" that will help you create a wealthy mindset?

Given we're just into the new year, I see a lot of focus and attention on "tips" to help people keep their resolutions. Particularly related to losing weight,diet, and getting into shape.

Just today, as I skimmed the local newspaper, there was a full page article talking about the importance of good eating habits, planning and pre-portioning the foods you plan to eat today, ensuring you have healthy snacks available so you're less tempted to hit the nearest fast food stop, and becoming more aware of what you put into your body. It also talked about the importance of eating several small meals as opposed to fewer large meals.

That got me to thinking. Isn't it exactly the same when it comes to nurturing our minds?

We place so much focus and attention on what we should or shouldn't put into our bodies, but most of us place so little focus and attention on what messages we put into our minds.

From the constantly negative news, to the celebration of violence and gore so common in entertainment films, to the reality television and schlock programming, to the tabloids, to the complaining co-workers, even to much of the Internet -- we're literally swimming in a never ending onslaught of negative images and messages.

Is it any wonder most people do not have a wealthy mindset? Just as there's an epidemic of obesity in the world, so too there's an epidemic of poverty consciousness.

So why not take some of the weight loss advice and apply it to your mind?

Avoid negative, junk programming just like you'd avoid fast foods. Nurture your mind with frequent, empowering mini meals and healthy snacks by listening to some positive messages throughout the day. Play a CD by Tony Robbins, or Wayne Dyer, or Bob Proctor -- anything that will give you positive messages. Keep a journal handy.

Cultivate a discipline of thinking to strengthen and improve the health of your your mindset.

Most people will agree we are more than our bodies. So perhaps it's time to pay more attention to our mind. Do that for 30 days and see what begins to happen.

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