Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Are You Being Present With Your Daily Decisions?

Be present with your daily decisions.

My wife Michelle and I are developing a program called 7 Steps To Happiness. As I was editing some of the program material yesterday, I came across Michelle's first draft on what she considers to be one of the key steps to living a happier, healthier life.

It was about being present.

I've talked a lot about the fact that everything is just a decision. It sounds simple, but as we all know it's seldom easy.

So how does one actually start making decisions that move us forward moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day?

The answer is to be present.

Most of us ... and me too much of the time ... spend the majority of our thinking on “stuff” that happened yesterday, or last week, or last year, or in our childhood. We're constantly replaying old movies in our head.

The more I've learned to pay attention to what I'm thinking, the more I've come to realize this is true.

How can I be happy now if I am focused on -- or even dwelling upon -- things that happened in the past?

And for me, most of the past experiences I will focus upon tend to be negative in some way and so they then lead me to worry about the future. How can I be happy right now if I am spending all of my time worrying about tomorrow?

So the trick is to be present ... to start thinking and focusing on right now and what I am doing rather than on something that happened long ago or even 10 minutes ago, or that might happen tomorrow.

And as Michelle pointed out in her material I was reviewing, this is so important because by focusing on replaying the past in my head, what I am actually doing is holding on to something that cannot be held onto and which cannot be changed. It’s done.

She goes on to explain that the more I hold onto something, the more it repels.

So if you find that, like me, you are often spending most of your thought energy focused on the past -- or the future -- our best advice is to just let go.

Let go of the past; it's gone and you can't change it. And let go of your worry about tomorrow; you can't control what will happen tomorrow.

Let go of those conversations and realize that right now you are best served to be thinking about right now!

Do my present thoughts and actions best serve me in moving me towards where I wish to go? Am I taking the time to enjoy what I'm doing right now? Am I living in and fully experiencing this moment right now?

These are the things I have complete control over.

And that's what being present means and that's what being present with your daily decisions is all about.

Thanks for reading.

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