Friday, January 4, 2008

A Wealthy Successful Mindset Is A Decision

Wealth and prosperity are a state of mind enabled by the decision to be so. And a wealthy and successful mindset is a prerequisite to those things appearing in the material world.

I was reminded of this a couple of days ago while reading an article by Randy Gage over on my friend Peter's blog at The Wealthy Attitude.

I find this to be difficult to accept at times, but the evidence in my life is irrefutable. Regardless of what my particular life circumstances may be, whether it be the state of my bank account, the state of my health or the level of my happiness, once I decide to put my mind to something I become virtually unstoppable.

When I choose to operate from the position that I am talented, I am capable, and I am successful, I find my confidence level and posture immediately changes. And the result is that I'm immediately more effective, more decisive, and more attractive to the world.

And guess what happens? I begin attracting the success and wealth and happiness I desire.

It's so deceptively simple that I'm prone to want to dismiss it. But it can't be dismissed. And it isn't necessarily easy.

So for me, and it's a lesson I seem to like to keep relearning, wealth and success is clearly a simple formula.

Stop looking for the results first. Instead decide I am wealthy and successful, and then once I've made that decision, begin operating from that wealthy and successful mindset. And then watch the magic happen.

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