Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Secret of Fearless Living: Guy Finley

Do you know the secret to fearless living?

Today is the official launch of the new book from Guy Finley, entitled The Essential Laws of Fearless Living. In his book, Guy shows you new ways to lift your life to breathtaking heights -- including the one great secret to being wise, fearless, and free.

One of the key themes of Guy's book is that you have an unlimited storehouse of untapped energy lying within you.

This is a concept we've discussed often in this blog. And the secret to living fearlessly lies in your ability to tap into that storehouse, and learning to operate from a position of faith, trust and belief.

This will be the topic for tomorrow's post, but for today, go out and get Guy Finley's new book. Click here to discover the secret to fearless living and begin to set the course for your life of inspired abundance.

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