Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Development Success: The Art of Exceptional Living

Why is personal development so critical to personal success? Have you learned to master the art of exceptional living?

Today I have for you a video from Jim Rohn, who is one of the pre-eminent teachers of the past century in the field of self growth and personal development.

Jim Rohn is credited with inspiring and teaching the likes of Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, and countless others various success principles in the areas of personal development, financial independence, education, relationships, and much more! And he has been a prominent figure in our own growth as we travel on our path to a life of inspired abundance.

The Art of Exceptional Living by Jim Rohn

One of the key tenets of Jim Rohn's teachings is that you needn't be a super-achiever or unusually creative, but rather you need only work on developing yourself and increasing the value you provide to others.

You don’t have to endure great obstacles. You don’t even have to do exceptional things. You just have to do ordinary things exceptionally well by learning from both your own personal experience and from the experiences of other people.

In this 9 minute video, you begin to pick up some key principles from Jim Rohn as he discusses the art of exceptional living.

He discusses the importance of self education, developing new skills, and how to start your own personal development and success journey. After viewing the video, click on Jim's picture to learn more about Jim Rohn and his Art of Exceptional Living program.

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