Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get the Results You Want: Persistence & Commitment

What results are you committed to in your life?

The results you've got today are a reflection of what you've been committed to in the past -- they reflect the personal persistence and commitment you've demonstrated through your past decisions, choices and actions.
The first time I heard someone tell me this, I rejected the suggestion outright. I hadn't chosen the results in my life that I dislike -- and I certainly didn't feel committed to negative results. Why would someone suggest such a thing?
And yet now, I've come to understand that this is precisely true.
That's not to say I wanted the results ... I clearly didn't. But there's no disputing the results come to me as a direct result of the decisions I chose to make (or not make), the choices I made about where and how to spend my time, and the actions I took along the way.
And this is true for you and your results as well.
This is a key tenet of the concept of personal responsibility. And it's at times a bitter pill to swallow.

And yet the solution is readily apparent. If the results I have today reflect the decisions, choices and actions I've made in the past, then the results I get in future will be determined by the decisions, choices and actions I take in the present.
So right now, based on where I'm at, what is it I want that's most important to me? What is it I'm committed to? What outcomes are reflective of the life of inspired abundance I truly desire?
Tomorrow's results are determined by today's choices
And how, from this moment forward, do I choose to operate differently than I have in the past? Because I know that in order to get a different outcome, I must make different decisions, better choices, and take different actions than I have in the past.
By now I'm sure you've come to realize, as have I, that the degree of persistence you bring to the party is reflective of your level of commitment.
If what I say I want is to lose weight, but I opt for 2 scoops of ice cream after dinner, how committed am I to the outcome? Apparently not very ...
And if I don't immediately see the results I want, do I choose to quit? If I quit and choose not to persist, then how committed am I to the outcome? Not committed enough.
Every day, we all get the opportunity to examine the results we're getting, take personal responsibility for them by acknowledging we took certain decisions, choices and actions which led to them, and then take stock and make the conscious choice to commit to something different.
And if you operate throughout your day within the context of understanding that it's the decisions, choices, and actions you take today that demonstrate the results you're committed to and want for tomorrow, then more often than not you'll find yourself getting more of the results you want over time.
So, with all that being said, what results are you committed to today? Are the choices, decisions, and actions you're taking reflective of that?

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