Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Empowering Language: Be Who You Want To Be

Empowering Language: Who Do You Want To Be?

Do you use empowering language that emphasizes who you want to be in your conversations?

Last night I was on a call in which the conversation focused upon the language we use with ourselves and other people.

The specific question that was raised was whether we make a point of speaking with people (and ourselves) in a fashion consistent with where people say they want to be rather than where they are.

So, for example, if you declare it's your intention to be a millionaire and to live a life of inspired abundance, travelling the world, do I have my conversations with you within that context?

If I were and there was, lets' say, a sporting event coming up we wanted to attend, I might say something such as "do you want 2 ringside seats or 4?"

Notice that this is very different than saying "can you afford to go?"

In one case I'm holding the space for you to be who you say you intend to be, whereas in the other I'm effectively holding the space for your limitations.

I find this a very interesting conversation.

It gets even more interesting when we consider the language we're using with ourselves.

By saying something like "I'd like 4 ringside seats, I wonder what would be the most effective way for me to get them," I'm holding the space for my being who I say I intend to be. This is very different than saying "there's no way I can afford to go".

Will you find a way to get to the event? Maybe. Regardless, you are utilizing much more empowering language with yourself and with others which will promote a successful mindset over time.

This is a simple example, but I believe the conversation is very pertinent to cultivating a wealthy, prosperity mindset.

What do you think? Are you using empowering language or disempowering language in your conversations?

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