Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How To Improve Your Relationships Using Law of Attraction

how to improve your relationships using law of attraction
Would you like to improve your relationship with your partner? You can improve your relationship using law of attraction and its powerful principles ... and this technique will work not only with your partner, but with any relationship.

After a number of months or years, you may start to notice things in your relationship that need improvement. However, by law of attraction, when you are focusing on the things you don't want you
are activating more of it.

You may notice that some people always tell you their complaints about their partner. They tell you what they don't like.

How often do you hear them tell you how wonderful their partner is?

When you receive heartfelt and sincere remarks doesn't your heart soar? You want to keep it up don't you?

So it just takes some rethinking on what you say or even think about your partner.

At a subconscious level they pick up the negative frequency or vibe you are sending. You can tell when someone is not happy with you, you can sense it in a room.

The work to improving the relationship between you and your partner is to STOP sending off negative vibrations to your partner.

So how do you do it? How do you stop yourself from the habit? First of all ... awareness. Remember, every time you do think something negative or say something you are going to get more of it. So keep reminding yourself that you are attracting it.

Next, focus on the things you do love about your spouse. Do this constantly if you have to. Remember when you were first dating and the passion in those weeks and months? Your memory is very powerful and you can reactivate those emotions at any time. Just like it happened yesterday.

So once a day in your journal or in a quiet moment, focus on those moments you had with your partner. Breathe in and let out any negative thoughts. Just allow the love to reignite inside.

The love you have for your partner is always there you just have to focus on it. Now what you have is a more loving attitude with your partner again so as a result you will respond differently to the way they behave.

It is YOU that changes your vibration, your responses, your thoughts and actions.

Then it is a choice for your partner to change their response and mirror back to you this love or not. They may take more time to get used to this new version of you so keep it up.

This new attitude can be used in all your relationships. Try it with your boss and your kids and even your mother-in-law!

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Written by Michelle Wojnowski

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