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Are The Law Of Attraction Gurus Lying To You?

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I've spent considerable time learning about and following a wide range of law of attraction gurus over the past several years. They generally teach that using the law of attraction is simple, all you have to do is ask, believe, and receive.

Understanding Law of Attraction

Is it really that simple, or are the gurus lying to you?

I would say I understand the concept of law of attraction quite well intellectually, but damn it can be difficult to apply it successfully.

In a recent interview I did with spiritual author Cathy Matarazzo, one of the questions she asked was "what are you using it for?" And she went on to discuss the distinction between focusing on deliberately using law of attraction to serve yourself versus for selfless serving.

This is an area where I find, for me, it is very easy to lapse into the trap.

Vibrationally, when you are focusing on what you want to attract -- and let's just use the example of more money, since for most people that would be a big one -- the minute you place your attention on "more", what you are really declaring is that you don't have enough. Your focus is automatically on getting something, which of course is the opposite of the vibration you intend to attract.

Conversely, when you place your attention on sincerely serving or helping others, your vibration is better in alignment with "love" -- which is the purest, highest vibration of all. When you operate from this place, you are suddenly much more of a magnet to receive that which you are giving, which may show up in many different ways ... including more money.

In so being, you open yourself up to the source of abundance.

Do Your Beliefs Serve You?

It seems to me that much of the art of mastering law of attraction is in filtering your thoughts and recognizing the underlying beliefs behind those thoughts. Once you recognize them, you can suss out whether they serve you or hinder you in attracting what you want. Make no mistake, for most of us, the vast majority of underlying beliefs we hold hinder us.

On top of that, I've come to understand that there is a deep spiritual connection that is at the root of my ability to attract or repel the things I desire. The more connected with my spirit and who I really am, the more I operate from a sense of oneness with the Universe, and the more in tune with the higher vibration of love I become. Because I'm focused on the oneness, my orientation becomes one of service rather than need.

This realization has actually made me feel uncomfortable because I've tended to hold some negative biases towards the whole notion of spirituality and the "new age" movement. Most of these relate to underlying beliefs I haven't even been aware of and the degree to which I entangle the concept of spirituality with religious beliefs. But that's an entirely different topic of conversation I'll leave well enough alone for today.

Coming back to law of attraction, when the gurus say that all you need to focus on is what you want and imagine having it, that's where I believe there are subtleties that must be understood and techniques to be applied that will better allow you to cultivate beliefs that will serve you in the manifestation process.

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