Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is The Secret Really Misleading Us?

If you've seen the film The Secret, you will know that it focuses on Law of Attraction and how to use it deliberately in your day-to-day life. But is its message misleading and ultimately harmful to those viewers who come away from the film inspired to think their way into prosperity?

I read an interesting blog post today by David Askaripour over at The article title is The Secret Uncovered And Exposed. In his article, David propsoses this very question and he comes to some stark conclusions.

And he raises some very good points. The theme of David's article is that The Secret seems to be more about creating an ongoing ATM machine through the marketing of the franchise than it is about teaching people how to actually learn to deliberately use the principles of law of attraction in their life.

Now I would suggest every film is ultimately about marketing its franchise, but David rightfully points out that there is no discussion about "doing" anything in the film -- which leaves the impression that all one needs to do is want something badly enough while visualizing having it and, voila, it will appear.

I agree with David that this is a key omission in the film. My own view is that it's one of several key omissions that effectively still leave "the secret" a secret.

One of the key ones for me is the whole notion of vibrational alignment. My ability to receive is directly tied to the quality of the match in the level of my own vibration as compared to whatever it is I want. When the match is high, I can manifest things much more quickly and if the match is absent then I never will.

I believe part of the key to matching the vibrational frequency is that if I'm a good vibrational match, I'm inspired to take the actions that best serve me. The universe literally shows me the way, but I still must pay attention and take the action. I do that by following my inspiration.

So ... yes, action is absolutely a prerequisite to completing the creative process. And it's the level of vibrational alignment between me and my desire that serves as the catalyst to my taking the "right" action.

So, as David points out, it is very fair to say that The Secret is in fact very misleading when it comes to teaching others how to apply the law of attraction.

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