Saturday, June 30, 2007

Review Of Liberty League Summit Conference with Bob Proctor

As you may know, my wife Michelle and I operate our own home based business with Liberty League International. We just completed attending the Liberty League Summit Conference in Sydney, Australia.

What a tremendous event. What a tremendous experience. What a tremendous city.

What a tremendous opportunity!

Bob Proctor was brilliant. We spent a full day with Proctor -- he is larger than life and we had goose bumps listening to him speak.

My biggest take away: start with your largest fantasy of what you desire, become really clear about it, and the decide to have it — period. He perfectly describes the simplicity of a process I so often choose to make more complicated than it is.

Oh ... and one other important take away from listening to Bob Proctor -- stop living the role of an extra in your own movie. Become the star instead. Powerful stuff.

And we walked on fire! Even our 12 year-old daughter, Jalyna, walked on fire. What an amazing experience to share as a family. And when I say family, I don’t mean just our immediate family, but our extended Liberty League family as well. The sense of community and support for each participant is extraordinary.

And then to cap it off we got to participate in an Intention Experiment With Lynne McTaggart and had the opportunity to review the evidence that intention is absolutely real and powerful.

This has been a brilliant conference and the memories will last a lifetime...yet another in an ongoing series of trips of a lifetime facilitated by Liberty League and its Liberty and Summit conferences.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to share this experience.

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