Friday, October 31, 2008

Using Law of Attraction: align and realign your intention

Becoming adept at using law of attraction requires consistency and persistence. I was reminded of that earlier this week as part of an energetic mentorship program I am taking.

And the message shouldn't come as a surprise.

We already know intuitively that persistence and consistency are important success traits. So why wouldn’t this also be true when it comes to using law of attraction?

Yet, how many times do you encounter people who claim that law of attraction isn’t working? Or how many times do you find yourself concluding law of attraction isn’t working.

In order to effectively use law of attraction, you must align and realign with your intention every day.

Do you do that?

Or do you instead align with your goal or desire once and then subsequently go back to your old thinking patterns whereby you primarily put your attention on the absence of what you said you wanted?

This is what most people do, and it’s what I continue to catch myself doing with surprising regularity. And yet this is where the work is in mastering the use of law of attraction.

Just because you’ve taken the time to visualize what you want with clarity and passion once, doesn’t mean the process is done. You must come back to that vision as regularly as you can – every day – and tap into the clarity and passion over and over again.

This is how you develop a consistency in your level of vibration and begin to stay more aligned with what you desire. And it’s through your increased level of consistent alignment that you begin to attract what you want more quickly.

As Wallace Wattles points out in his classic book The Science of Getting Rich, the more practiced you become at holding to your vision with full faith, belief and clarity, the more successfully you will become rich because you are in harmony with the natural laws of the Universe.

I’ve heard Andy Andrews stress “I will persist, without exception” as one of his seven decisions that determine personal success.

I’ve heard Bob Proctor talk about the importance of practice and repitition and the role that plays in raising one’s vibration.

This is a common directive from virtually all of the self improvement teachers. So why should it surprise me – or you – to understand the importance I making a point of reminding ourselves to align with our intention today, and again tomorrow, and the day after, and so on ?

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